CD "Franziska Günther" (Franziska Günther, recordJet, 2016)

Come Back To Bed
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
Where do we draw the line?
How do we name that?
Ain’t it funny how life has made up its mind?
Oh I love what we have
Now won’t you come back to bed?
You’re making coffee in my tiny kitchen
You know it well
after all these years
I’m here in bed and still half asleep
I try to tell
Why you’re still here
It smells of croissants and orange juice
And here’s this bottle
Of chardonnay
I hear you sneaking, you’re trying to let me sleep
Are we in trouble
Or are we okay?
Where do we draw the line …
Maybe later if you have the time
We could stroll
Through the autumn sun
Reminiscing about our childhood life
When you stole
My cowboy gun
And we could explore that old ferris wheel
If you get cold
I can keep you warm
Where do we draw the line…
Forest Of Stars
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
Your eyes are a forest of stars
As your little fingers strum your tiny green guitar
Every blink of an eye is a surprise
Keep it up, keep it up all your life
You paint your face with marmalade
You pile up tissues and marbles to bake a cake
And when you sleep you dance with butterflies
Keep it up, keep it up all your life
Keep it up, keep it shine
Your forest of stars
Keep it up, yeah, keep it shine
Keep it up all your life
I wish you roots when the strong winds blow
And a compass to choose the path you want to go
May you eat chocolate with a crocodile
Keep it up, keep it up all your life
Keep it up …
Your eyes are a forest of stars
November Noon
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
It’s a cold November noon
Waves and winds howling constantly
I’m skimming stones and a rising moon
Let’s me know you’re smiling for me
I try my best, I keep up my routine
I feed your tomcat every day
You’re gone but silence doesn’t mean
That there’s nothing left to say
Guardian angel keep on flying
Keep these memories from fading away
Guardian Angel help me crying
I’m numb and troubled on this stormy day
I miss the stories you were telling so well
I miss your calls at night
I miss these postcards from Amsterdam
And most of all I miss your smile
Guardian angel …
City Madness
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
Jump out of bed and now hurry up, catch this train
Run through the rain while pigeons hobble past your way
You tumble downstairs, you always lose this race
Sleep is no hideaway at the close of busy days
Can’t you see my frown?
Can we just slow down?
I get sad, I get sad
I get mad in this city life
Traffic rattles and the sirens are going wild
Black dogs bark and a drunk yells at a weeping child
Pumping beats, my neighbour is getting high tonight
TV chatters back and forth with no rhyme
Can’t you see …
I’ll build a hut deep in the woods someday soon
I’ll swim in lakes naked in the midnight moon
And we will dance and we will sing a tune
No one’s around but the eagle owl and me and you
Can’t you see …
If You Learn To Let Me Go
Music: Siggi Björns, lyrics: Franziska Günther
There you stand in the evening sun
Your silhouette fading away
My train is already far far gone
And down by the station you wave
If you learn to let me go
I’ll be back some day
I’ll write you a letter but I need to roam 
We knew that I wouldn’t stay
I’ve never been this far from home
Those mountains I’ve never seen
While I chat with strangers you’re on your own
Cooking dinner for you and me
If you learn to let me go …
Now turn the page and use your time
You’ve spent half of it helping me grow
Forget me sometimes and I’ll be fine
If you need me just let me know
If you learn to let me go …
Nothing’s Set In Stone
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
As a child I lost my kite
I had to watch it fly skybound
Grandpa soothed me as I cried
I feel his voice but don’t remember the sound
The sun is crawling out of bed
And our campfire has died down
We should have put more wood on it
The party’s over and it’s just me around
Nothing’s set in stone
Everything must pass
Life constantly flows
We love and then we let go
I tried to love you like the icing on the cake
And now I’m craving for more
So I might decide to walk away
For you affect me to the core
Nothing’s set in stone …
Raven On Your Roof

Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
I spill a bucketful of paint over your weary grey
And tell the raven on your roof to fly away
I will take you to the moon if that makes your day
I’ll make all the flowers bloom and I will sing you serenades
I give your wings a groove and I will watch you fly
And tell the raven on your roof that you will be fine
And I can hold you close if you need to cry
Take off your winter coat and I will help you come alive
Oh move on, baby move on, I won’t leave you behind
And the raven on your roof will soon be out of sight
Oh move on, baby move, after darkness comes the light
I search for green grass in the snow and switch on northern lights
And tell the raven to let go of this black and white
I would catch the falling leaves and paint you sunny skies
Let me find the thief who took your crown and childlike smile
Oh move on …
But there you sit and sing the blues and don’t hear me smile
And the raven on your roof chases off the light
You’re having rendezvous with demons of the night
My spirits are with you but shall I keep on trying?
Move on …
On The Balcony
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
You’re probably in the jungle
Or you surf Hawaiian seas
Or you’re flying in a red balloon
While I’m here on the balcony
Are you riding wild horses
Through a prairie or along the beach?
Are you watching stars in the desert?
While I’m here on the balcony
Watching traffic lights turn from green to red
And the baker is selling his everyday bread
While you travel the world I just light another cigarette
Are you dozing in your hammock
Or tasting fruits I’ve never seen
Or are you sleeping in an igloo?
While I’m here on the balcony …
Oh I don’t need a postcard
No need to come and visit me
This earth is such a big planet
While I’m here on the balcony …
At The Break Of Day
Music: Siggi Björns, lyrics: Franziska Günther
The coffee’s cold
The soup stale
Why do they serve this anyway?
Strange old folks
We all look pale
We play at cards until we die some day
My life had colours
My life had sound
My love was like a hurricane
But no one bothers
And memories don’t count
No one is listening and I don’t complain
Let’s cut loose and leave this nameless grey
Put on your shoes and at midnight we’ll run away
At the break of day we’ll run along the shore
Like kids at play we’re still longing for more
No we won’t wait for days worth living for
At the break of day
They set my clock
They plan my day
They tell me if I walk too fast
I played in bands
In dark cafés
But they detach you from your past
Let’s cut loose …
At the break of day …
No Ticking Time
Music: Siggi Björns, lyrics: Franziska Günther
Like in old ancient days
When a letter on its way
Needed weeks and months and years to arrive
You’re in some remote place
It could be mars or Milky Way
You’re in a tale with no space and no time
We’re too far apart like stars in the night
I promise I will find my way to you
I’ll wade through muddy water, I’ll capture a balloon
I’d steal a helicopter too
And I’ll wait for the life
When there’s no ticking time
It’s just you and I
And no ticking time, no ticking time
One day we will stroll
Through these streets and tell us all
About the years we didn’t spend side by side
If I had your number I would call
You right away and then install
My time machine, I’ll pick you up, just name a time
We’re too far apart …
And I’ll wait for the life …
Music and lyrics: Franziska Günther
I may rest now
I will lie down
I taste the sunrays
No one will call my name
A breeze brushes leaves
This meadow’s mellow green
All I do is pause
Nothing to figure out
I’m free-floating
I’m free-floating
I’m free-floating
I’m free-floating
I hear a fountain purl
I notice chatting girls
Time does not exist
There’s nothing that I miss
I’m free-floating …
I’m here, I’m safe and sound
Is this what Buddha found?
Well everything’s just fine
I breathe and then I smile
I’m free-floating …

CD "HUMMINGBIRD GIRL" (Chelsea Radio, Acoustic Music Records, 2013)

Far Away Today
Lyrics: Franziska Günther, music: Arne Straube, Franziska Günther
It’s hard to sleep anyway
This town tastes like autumn rain
You feel so far away today
I’m talking to my cup of tea
I’m staring holes into my windowpane
Counting raindrops and giving them names
You feel so far away today
Your train just left and you’re twelve miles from here
It’s not that I need you everyday
It’s not that I’m nothing without you
It’s not that I want you to marry me
But when I’m blue I want you to miss me too
I show my sorrows how to swim
They’re floating in a good glass of wine
It doesn’t taste as good as when
We’re naked and you’re lying by my side
It’s not that I need you everyday…
The nightingale’s singing our tune
I must have slept for a while
Eating cereal with your spoon
Sunshine reminds me of your smile
Devil On My Shoulder
Lyrics & music: Franziska Günther
I don’t know where you came from
And I’m sure you won’t tell me
A devil to sit on my shoulder
And chase off the angel
Fatalistically you whisper
There’s no reason for looking further
Further than what today seems
Like a bunch of one way streets
This mood is a mess
I want you to leave
And send back the angel
Tell him to bring
Honey and wine
Your doubts are a waste of time
You’re still here picking your nose
While I ride a rollercoaster
I’m afraid I lose my love, I run off time
Any number of things could go wrong
The angel would buy me a drink
We’d put flowers in our hair 
But as a devil you have to
Keep me down whenever you can
This mood is a mess...
The angel and me have a drink
We put flowers in our hair 
Grandma’s Waltz
Lyrics & music: Franziska Günther
Tuning: DADgbe
Fifty-six years lie in between us
You are a Sunday’s Child – So am I
Coolest old Lady, I love our girltalk
Lately we sing folksongs when I call you at night
How lovely you talk about “them old people”
As if you were still in your teens
When I’m playing rock songs
You stand in the front row, in the middle of a dream
You waltz like you did
In your blue sailor suit
You waltz like you did
The night Grandpa carried you home
For you tried your first wine
You say being young is always good
Flying back to your childhood, your eyes tell me stories
You say you spent nights reading old history books
But what you saw later with your own eyes
Can never be explained in a history book
You never show when you’re unhappy
You give a smile and say: “Such is life”
But when the sun sets you sit there and miss your companions
And the loved one who has left you behind
You waltz like you did…
Still Cocoons
Lyrics & music: Franziska Günther
My countenance keeps still
I’m safe with my headphones on
People in grey coats
Look like no one is around
They sit and wait and stare
Everyone studies their shoes
Underneath the subway neon lights
Conversation is no use
Life is lonesome
Among these still cocoons
You’d say no one
Will be a butterfly for you
His countenance keeps still
He’s safe with his headphones on
He’s tangled up in thought
What is he thinking of
Such a lovely yellow raincoat
I like these grass green eyes
But making friends is no use
Underneath the neon lights
Life is lonesome…
Strangers leave your memory
With nothing to recall
We each have our reasons
We all make mistakes
We all keep our secrets
We have a heart that might break
Life is lonesome…

Hummingbird Girl
Lyrics & music: Franziska Günther
In kaleidoscopic dresses you are dancing through this world
Sunlight in your green eyes, you feel brave with ginger curls
Tasting bloomy flowers, you keep who you like for a while
Do you ever sleep, you racing nomad, restless child
Olive trees, oriental scents, you are watching moon and stars
You never want a now to end, but leave traces that will last
You fantasize whole philosophies, you write poems in the sand
You will save the planet, you’re creating a master plan
Hummingbird girl
I once was like you
Keep it up for the two of us
Hummingbird girl, fly
I’ll be back in a while
Sun is on your side, but your rainbow is incomplete
Every joyful circus clown has a touch of bittersweet
Dragging your red backpack, all you long for is a home
You can’t settle down at a crossroad when your heart still needs to roam
Hummingbird girl…
Bird Of Passage
Lyrics & music: Franziska Günther
You say drifting suits my age
I’m a bird of passage
Hopes and dreams ahead
Make me restless
My friend’s the break of day
Mood changes like the weather, you say
We decide and rearrange
Nothing lasts forever, anyway
I’m driving in my Japanese car
Smelling freedom on the road is hard in here
But it must be the foretaste of some glory days
You say confiding suits my age
I’ll make the grade whatever I grasp at
I am young, I will not fail
Fate ruins tactics, anyway
You say wandering suits my age
I zigzag with my suitcase
Preparing to leave while I stay
My home is somewhere on the highway
I’m driving in my Japanese car…
You say drifting suits my age
I’m a bird of passage
You say nothing is set in stone
But I got used to you, love
Loving suits my age, so
Tonight I’ll stay with you, love
I’m driving in my Japanese car…
Carousel Ride
Lyrics & music: Franziska Günther
Arrangement: Ian Vance Melrose
A thunderstorm is choking sunny blue skies
Palm tree postcards yellow over time
Seasons come and go, so do the tides
Movie curtains fall, you leave on Sunday nights
Joni sings the soundtrack for bitter and sweet
Harlequins smile and sometimes they weep
Hellos are worth the goodbyes, for they can keep
Romance from fading into routine
You’re my oasis, you’re my home in what strangers call city life
Why do paths cross? Why shall lovers turn into passersby?
I bite my lip, I clench my fists
I give a smile on this carousel ride
You bite your lip, you clench your fists
You give a smile on this carousel ride
Open arms need someone to hug once in a while
Headaches and cocktails are taking turns clockwise
You don’t make the rules, neither do I
Movie curtains fall, you leave on Sunday nights
You’re my oasis, you’re my home in what strangers call city life
Why do paths cross? Why shall lovers turn into passersby?
Nothing is constant, but let’s just pretend that leaves are evergreen
Let’s skip conversation. I don’t care if part of us is just a dream
I bite my lip...